Auto Electrical

Marty Hosie

The need for a motivated, qualified auto electrician, is becoming more and more necessary.  As each new vehicle is developed, the technology behind it is so advanced that only constant training and research can keep up with industry changes.

Not only do we constantly train our staff, but we continually update our diagnostic equipment to ensure that we (where possible) can assist you, our customer, with your auto electrical problems.  If fact, we have just purchased a brand new scan tool to help as assess and diagnose any faults in your vehicle!!

Having said that, experience and knowledge obtained by working from the ground up, cannot be learnt from a text book.  Our auto electrician, Marty, has dedicated his life to the auto electrical industry and remains enthusiastic and eager to learn all new technology.

Please remember though, auto electrical diagnostic work takes time and research so that we can fully understand how your vehicle works - we can give you an estimate on parts required and the labour involved in fitting them but we cannot estimate on the time it takes to diagnose a fault.

Our services include: alternator repairs and replacement, starter motor repairs and replacement, diagnostics; wiring faults; lights; blinkers; windscreen wipers; electrical windows; central locking  and the list goes on.....

Bought a new car?  Need electric brakes or maybe that second battery or fridge outlet???  Why not give us a call.  Marty specialises in setting up your vehicle just the way you want it!

Or do you have a Caravan or a camper van and you need to have auto electrical work done on it?   Give us a call!  (We can make sure your vehicle's cooling system is ready to tow as well).

Or, are you thinking of purchasing a new vehicle?  Why not book it in with us so we can use our new scan tool to access any logged fault codes in the system?????

In the words of Jack Stepanian and Sam Nazarian (TAT August 13)

"Most scientists, whether experimental or pure researchers, pride themselves on the fact that their findings are based on systematic, precise and factual information that is repeatable, reproducible and measureable.  It's a similar priority for automotive technicians"