Cooling System

An example of a badly blocked radiator.....

Barclay's Radiator Service has been servicing the cooling system needs of Wagga Wagga and district since 1946.  With our great team of fully qualified, dedicated staff members we can assist you with everything from a radiator repair to a full replacement.  Our services include:

  • Repairs to radiators, heaters, intercoolers,
  • Recores
  • Complete radiator assemblies
  • Tractors; headers;  irrigation pump radiators; farm machinery
  • Trucks 
  • Earthmoving
  • Heaters
  • Flushing of your cooling system
  • Cleaning of EGR Valves
  • Removal of radiators & heaters from your vehicle for service/replacement (not all trucks - please ask our staff)
  • Cooling system components including radiator caps &  thermostats
  • Getting your vehicle ready to tow that Caravan, boat or camper van!